Fishing Reports

Fishing with the Guides  by George Langley.   Week of   2/16 to 2/23.
Newer updates are unavailable as of 4/1/2020

Other than that early untimely snow (and way too much of it) we actually have had a pretty mild winter. We've had a little cold weather in the last two weeks, and the hopes are that that has Made the ice safer and more useable. There is much less slush out there now, although you can still find it. We don't have a lot of the game fishing season left, so you should see a lot of people on the ice this coming weekend. The fish really caught a break this season, and there have been many fewer anglers out there. The fact that we couldn't drive on the ice kept the family usage down, unfortunately.

We are worried about oxygen depletion on many of the shallower lakes and hoping for an early spring this year. That early weather was a killer for all waters. We had this slush right from the start and added to a heavy snow cover, it kept the sun from getting through from the beginning. Nothing to be done but hope for nicer weather from now on.

Walleye fishing remains pretty good. The action on the Eagle River Chain has been good, with some size and good numbers of fish. Eagle, Catfish and Yellow Birch have been producing well in the evenings. The fish are in deeper water around the holes and moving shallower in the evenings following schools of minnows and perch.

On the deeper lakes, these fish are also deeper during the daytime and moving shallower at night. Some jigging in the deep water during the daytime is working, also. As on all lakes, they move shallower to feed in the evening. Shiners or sucker minnows are working everywhere.

Northern action remains good and should be even better as it warms up now. These fish prefer the larger shiners under the tip-ups. Look for the weeds where the panfish are also hiding for best results. The best areas are the green weeds, if you can find any.

Panfish action is good, with bluegills and perch providing good action in the weeds. The perch are feeding near the bottom, and the 'gills are spread out in the weeds. Move around to different holes for both types. Crappie action in deeper water in the holes has been good. These fish are also in schools and can be at very different levels. Search both shallower and deeper, for these guys. Waxies with jigs work very well. Not much game fishing left, so get out there the next few weekends!

Good luck and good fishin’!



Vilas County

The warm weather of the past weekend spurred some thoughts of spring! At Northern Highland American Legion State Forest, there is still plenty of snow for all of the various winter activities, but ice and crusty conditions will have to be dealt with. The sun has a little more warmth, so trails warm-up and may get soft before they freeze up again during the night. Ice cleats are a must for outdoor walking.




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